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Simulink Real-Time: boot in UEFI mode

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Simone Marcheschi
Simone Marcheschi on 2 May 2018
Answered: Ivo Houtzager on 12 Aug 2020
I am trying to start a target computer with Simulink Real-Time kernel. This computer only supports the boot in UEFI mode.
Since DOS assumes a BIOS and does not work with UEFI, is there a solution for using "DOS Loader Boot Method" or "Standalone Boot Method" with my computer?

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Peter Schouten
Peter Schouten on 19 Aug 2018
I think there is.
I have had the same problem. I have created a DOS loader USB stick with simulink real time.
Use Rufus to create a boot USB, let Simulink Real time add the necessary files to that USB using the boot configuration in SLRTEXPLR
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irr irr
irr irr on 20 Feb 2019
Could you give some details how you create boot USB with Rufus? What were the options?

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Ivo Houtzager
Ivo Houtzager on 12 Aug 2020
Simulink Real-Time runs OnTime RTKernel on DOS. MS-DOS or FreeDOS require a BIOS interface to boot. Thus it's not possible for UEFI firmware to boot DOS. However, some UEFI firmware support a "Legacy BIOS" boot mode option in settings screen. When enabled it becomes possible to boot DOS, but any other installed OS will be unbootable until you return to UEFI mode. Intel will remove Legacy BIOS boot support from UEFI by 2020, and many motherboards are already released which are UEFI only without any support for "Legacy BIOS". So you have to be carefull picking your motherboard if you want it to run Simulink Real-Time.




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