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How to get the dynamic force of a body in the Simulink>S​imscape>Mu​litibody

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fulai liu
fulai liu on 11 Apr 2018
Answered: Guodong Tao on 16 Apr 2018
I have bulit a model, inclueds two bodies, one is fixed, the other is connected to the first body with spring and damper, and I set a initial extension on it, I want to know how to get the force on the second body? I konw one method is to measure the acceleration of the second body, then do a math caculate. But I want to konw if there is a direct way to achieve mine need?

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Guodong Tao
Guodong Tao on 16 Apr 2018
Please refer to doc: Spring and Damper Force
If you would like to measure force exerted on following body by spring, you can select "Sensor Force" inside this block.

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