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How i can have the other properties from the Psychrometricsnew fonction ?

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When I put : Psychrometricsnew('h',90000,'w',0.009) for exemple, it only show me one ans which is the dry bulb temperature. The turbo name's SI Psychrometric Chart.

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Ali on 4 Oct 2022
I think that's not a standard Matlab Function (I am also using it) and it was a community submission. If you look at the code, you can see it has multiple outputs:
function [Tdb, w, phi, h, Tdp, v, Twb] = Psychrometricsnew (varargin)
You should be using it like this:
[Tdb, w, phi, h, Tdp, v, Twb] = Psychrometricsnew ('h',90000,'w',0.009);
And you'll see all the variables in the output calculated.


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