Create a row vector with specific condition

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Hi I'd like to make a row vector as follows:
rowVect = [x y y y y y]
Right now, I'm doing:
rowVec = x
Is there a way to do this in one line of code?
Thanks C

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James Tursa
James Tursa on 23 Mar 2018
Edited: James Tursa on 23 Mar 2018
What's wrong with the first method you propose?
rowVect = [x y y y y y];
If you want to generalize it (maybe you don't know the number of y's you need ahead of time)
n = number of y's you want
rowVect = [x,repmat(y,1,n)];
That being said, your two-liner above is a pretty good way of doing it. Is there some particular reason you don't like it?
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Chet Sharma
Chet Sharma on 23 Mar 2018
Thanks!! I tried everything except look at bad! To answer your question, nothing wrong with what I wrote, but exactly as you said right...the number of y's I have changes, so I need to generalize. So your solution is exactly what I needed. Thanks James

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