How to place poles at particular frequency in MATLAB Control System Designer in Discrete Compensation?

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Dear Domain Experts,
I am planing to make digital controller for DC-DC converter. I have plant in s domain. I have converted in Z domain using c2d command (for that we need to provide sampling time Ts). Hence, I am using Direct Digital design method for designing the digital compensator. After converting plant into Z domain, I am using MATLAB Control System Designer Application to Design Discrete compensator. But, for placement of poles and zeros, I am not able to put put poles and zeros at desired frequency. Kindly, explain how to put poles and zeros at particular frequency in MATLAB Control System designer while dealing with discrete plant (in Z-Domain).

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Arkadiy Turevskiy
Arkadiy Turevskiy on 16 Aug 2018
Hi there,
First, right click in the design plot (bode or root locus) and select "edit compensator"
Next, add pole or zero or another compensation element. When you do, you will see a parameter you can change, for example, location for a pole, as shown. As you change that, the frequency in the compensator editor will change, so you can change location to get the desired frequency.

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