Is it possible to add EtherCAT Master to Raspberry Pi Simulink Support Package?

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EtherCAT is a simple way to extend I/O capabilities of Raspberry Pi. Is it possible to add EtherCAT master block to Raspberry Pi Simulink Support package? E.g. in order to give ability for user models to interact with external world using EtherCAT when running on Raspberry PI.
Or is there a way to add this support manually?
Stefano Dalla Gasperina
Stefano Dalla Gasperina on 12 Dec 2018
I believe that built-in NIC of Raspberry Pi is not suitable for Real-Time EtherCAT simulation.
You had better install a SPI-to-EtherCAT shield.
Artyom on 3 Feb 2020
Hi Stefano,
NIC of RPi is fully suitable for EtherCAT, as other kernels can use it for EtherCAT already.
For Example please take a look at Codesys RPi Runtime Kernel - it supports Ethercat using standard RPI's NIC.

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Answers (1)

Ivo Houtzager
Ivo Houtzager on 7 Jul 2020
See example on the File Exchange Simple EtherCAT Master Block SFunction for Raspberry Pi which shows basic usage of the Simple Open EtherCAT Master (SOEM) library to create a Simple EtherCAT Slave Driver Block SFunction for Raspberry Pi.

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