How do i calculate the winding R & L as well as magnetizing Rm & Lm of the linear transformer block?

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Hi , can anyone please guide me how to calculate these in the linear transformer block. The values shown are default ones.

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Anh Tran
Anh Tran on 2 Feb 2018
You do not need to calculate these values but rather set them based on your application specification. All the parameters are described in Parameter section of the documentation. You should refer to the picture described this block under the hood. For simplicity, you may want to start with ideal transformer model by setting the winding resistances and inductances to 0, and the magnetization resistance and inductance (Rm Lm) to Inf. For example:
Winding 1 params: [230 0 0]
Winding 2 params: [24 0 0]
Magnetization: [0 0]
The example power_transformer has an easy to understand set up.

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