The battery models in simscape are to complex. Is there a simple one?

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I need a very simple battery. Without temperatures, voltage or anything like this. Only PowerIN, PowerOUT and I should be able to check the state of Charge. I try to simulate a house with 100% renewable energy consumption.
Can anybody help me?

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Anh Tran
Anh Tran on 2 Feb 2018
You may want to try Simple battery model block. You can right-click the block in your block diagram and then select the Instrumented | No thermal port option from the context menu, under Simscape > Block choices. It will be a model with exposed charge output port and does not simulate thermal effects. If you select Infinite for the Battery charge capacity parameter, the block models the battery as a series resistor and a constant voltage source. That seems to be the simplest model for your use case. Hope this helps.


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