HDL coder for Kalman filter does not simulate

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I am using the example code mlhdlc_kalman_hdl.m and its mlhdlc_kalman_hdl_tb.m to generate the hdl code. I was able to generate the code, but when i run the test bench the outuputs y1 and y2 never change throughout the simulation. Has anyone ever tested this implementation.

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Anh Tran
Anh Tran on 3 Jan 2018
Hi Reddy,
Are you referring to this example? Notice from figure 4 that the plot of the fixed-point output and the floating-point output looks almost the same. The accuracy difference is so small that you can only observe in "error" plots.
Reddy Eluganti
Reddy Eluganti on 3 Jan 2018
Yes I am talking about the same one. But my issue was that y1 and y2 were at (0,0). This was because I did not perform the test numeric's step once I did that the example worked. So basically I skipped couple of steps but if you follow the example correctly it will work.
Anh Tran
Anh Tran on 4 Jan 2018
Great to hear that it works for you. Cheers!

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