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Matlab 2017a in Ubuntu 17.10 - Very slow response in the Editor

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I installed Matlab 2017a a week ago on my new Asus Zenbook 13 (Ubuntu 17.10). Since the beginning the response of the Editor is very slow. If I type in text it might take multiple seconds until it appears. This is very annoying and makes it challenging to use the tool at all. The files I work with are stored locally and everything else seems to work fine. Not much data is loaded and the file I work with are just a few lines of code (< 100).
What could cause this behavior?

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Amy on 20 Dec 2017
Try the workaround mentioned in this MATLAB answers post, even though it mentions different versions of MATLAB/Ubuntu. This workaround involves changing Java startup options - there is some more information on how to do that on this documentation page.
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green360 on 3 Jan 2018
I tried the suggestions but it did not help. After some more testing I found out that I can use the editor right after starting Matlab. As soon as I load for example on of my .mat files (e.g. 13MB) the trouble starts. I tried it 3 times and it always seems to be this way. So far I had not time to do further checks and to investigate what else triggers the behavior. It is just very annoying and renders the editor useless.

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Jehill Parikh
Jehill Parikh on 29 May 2018
Edited: Jehill Parikh on 29 May 2018
I have been experiencing similar issues on ubuntu 18.04 could I check if we found a solution yet ?


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