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Difficulty in matlab 2009a student version activation

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I have purchase the matlab 2009a student version. I have downloaded and installed in may machine. But during the activation, it ask the product serial number, while in online purchasing, mathworks not provide any serial number of the product. How can I solve this problem. Kindly solve this issue.

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Jan on 18 Dec 2017
Edited: Jan on 18 Dec 2017
I'd start with searching it in my MathWorks account. There is a link on the top right of this page to access the account. If MathWorks provides a serial number, it should be found there.
If you still do not find it, use the "Contact Us" to contact MathWorks directly. This is the public forum only and most contributions are provided by voluntary Matlab users. But some of the threads are written by the technical support, then it might be useful to search in the forum, or e.g. ask your favorite internet search engine e.g. for "Matlab student serial number". Wait, let me google this for you... voilà:

Amy on 18 Dec 2017
Hi Shyam:
You probably received an activation key instead of a serial number. Try following the steps in this MATLAB Answers post to manually activate your installation.


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