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How do I create non uniform spacing between axis ticks like in figure ?

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I'm trying to create a ticks distribution like the one in figure
...I really can't figure how to do it. Do I have to define the x-variable in a particular way or is it just an axis and ticks thing ?

Accepted Answer

Amy on 18 Dec 2017
Edited: Amy on 14 May 2020
Hi Francesco, take a look at this documentation page if you haven't already: Specify Axis Tick Values and Labels
There is also an example of setting nonuniform x-axis tick locations on the documentation page for 'xticks'.
adding to this (5/14/20): It looks like you also wanted to use a logarthmic scale for the x-axis and semilogx was already suggested.
You can also use xlim to specify limits for the x-axis.
LR on 22 Jan 2019
Edited: LR on 22 Jan 2019
I'm not sure why this answer was accepted... the question as I understand it is about stretching and compressing the x axis, not just speciftying xticks or xticklabels. The documentation pointed out does not contain information on stretching/compressing axes.
Amy on 14 May 2020
Thanks LR, I edited my answer to include the links to documentation for setting a log scale and limits on the x-axis, which had already been suggested in the comments.

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