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HOG feature extraction cell size

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Elf on 13 Dec 2017
Answered: Amy on 21 Dec 2017
I use hog feature extraction in images to detect the horizon line. Default cell size for hog feature extraction is 8x8. When I use 16x16 I get better result of the accuracy of identifying horizon line. But in some images 8x8 is working better. However in general 16x16 is more successful. I didn't understand why 8x8 is working better in some images while 16x16 is more successful in general? What is the effectiveness of cell size in hog feature extraction?
Thank you

Answers (1)

Amy on 21 Dec 2017
From the documentation for extractHOGFeatures: To capture large-scale spatial information, increase the cell size. When you increase the cell size, you may lose small-scale detail
There is not one optimal cell size. The best size depends on your data.

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