How to plot categorical line over bar plot?

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Aureja on 10 Dec 2017
Answered: Amy on 12 Dec 2017
I want to plot a line over each grouped bar plot, like on the figure below. In the code below it is RSMEref of the same size as the RSME bar plot. I have been trying for the while but nothing works. How can I do that?
RSME = [0.0191 0.0291 0.0362 0.0648 0.0884;
0.0176 0.0552 0.0802 0.0961 0.0810;
0.0139 0.1130 0.1737 0.2191 0.1905;
0.0155 0.1792 0.2656 0.2553 0.3259];
c = categorical({'Apples','Oranges','Bananas','Kiwi'});
RSMEref = [0.0191 0.0383 0.0765 0.1148 0.1530;
0.0176 0.0352 0.0705 0.1057 0.1410;
0.0139 0.0279 0.0558 0.0837 0.1116;
0.0155 0.0311 0.0622 0.0933 0.1244];

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Amy on 12 Dec 2017
Hi Aureja,
The x-axis in your figure is on a categorical scale, so you can't plot the numerical data for your lines on the same axis. What you can do is create a second axis overlaying the first in the same figure window. See this documentation page for a few examples of how to do this.
Using this method, you will probably want to set certain axes properties for your second axis by hand in order for it to appear the way you want it to. You can refer to the documentation for axes properties for more information. Hope this helps!


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