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Which license gets priority if I have concurrent and individual on the same machine?

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I have an individual license and a concurrent (network client) license on the same PC for the same version. My individual license has 5 toolboxes I need the most frequently, and the concurrent server has dozens of toolboxes and I occasionally need one of those. When I start MATLAB, which license will be activated? Is there a way to set a default to access the Individual license first, and if for some reason that is not available, or I request a toolbox needed from the concurrent server, it switches automatically? Am I making sense?

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Amy on 11 Dec 2017
Hi Holly,
When you first start MATLAB, the activation client is launched and you will be prompted to select which license to use.
It's possible to access toolboxes using both your individual license and concurrent/network named user license. There is more information (and step by step instructions) in these two MATLAB answer posts: here and here.


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