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how to change the linewidth of one line of the figure generated from using compare function?

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Hi Matlab community! I Have a graph of the measured vs predicted values created with compare function. I wanna highlight the measured values with a linewidth of 1 and leave the others with a linewidth of 0.5, how can I do that? I tried to use the command line and set and it didn't work. Thanks for your help

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Amy on 12 Dec 2017
Hi Gina,
See accessing object properties using dot notation. I took the first example from the documentation for compare:
load iddata1 z1;
sys = ssest(z1,3);
prediction_horizon = 10;
and I changed the width of one line with the following command:
hFig = gcf;
hFig.Children(4).Children(1).Children.LineWidth = 1;


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