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Ha My Dong
Ha My Dong on 2 Dec 2017
Edited: David Fink on 5 Dec 2017
Hi everyone,
I have downloaded the NI daqmx. MAX can recognize my USB 6008.
NI vendor is recognized in Matlab as the following:
ID: 'ni'
FullName: 'National Instruments'
AdaptorVersion: '3.11 (R2017a)'
DriverVersion: '14.5.0 NI-DAQmx'
IsOperational: true
However, I can't get the USB recognized in Matlab:
>> devices = daq.getDevices
devices =
No data acquisition devices available.
Click here for a list of known vendors.
Click here for troubleshooting tips.
Can anyone help me with this?
Thank You!

Answers (1)

David Fink
David Fink on 5 Dec 2017
Edited: David Fink on 5 Dec 2017
Make sure the Driver version is compatible with your release of MATLAB. Click "Third-Party Requirements" on the right side of following page:
For MATLAB R2017a, the NI-DAQmx Version should be 15.5.
If updating the driver does not resolve the error, please contact MathWorks Technical Support .


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