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yoga z
yoga z on 30 Apr 2012
Edited: Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
Hi there,
how to write the plot if i use 4 cluster like this:
X = [randn(100,2)+ones(100,2);... randn(100,2)-ones(100,2)]; opts = statset('Display','final'); [idx,ctrs] = kmeans(X,4,... 'Distance','city',... 'Replicates',5,... 'Options',opts); plot(X(idx==1,1),X(idx==1,2),'r.','MarkerSize',12) hold on plot(X(idx==2,1),X(idx==2,2),'b.','MarkerSize',12) [plot ....] [plot ....]
thank you

Accepted Answer

Wayne King
Wayne King on 30 Apr 2012
You do the same thing except:
hold on
yoga z
yoga z on 5 Jun 2013
thank u very much for your answer

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Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
Edited: Kawther on 30 Nov 2014
Thank you Wayne King. I did get benefit from your code. i want to ask please about finding the bet error rate for such a code. How can i determine the decision regions, so that i can then find the bet error rate?
Can i consider the originally sent data as a training data and resend data again and consider it and a test data and use them to find the bet error rate?
Thank you very much. Kawther Hamad,


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