Invalid entry in label data table for Scene labelType when using Image Labeler app?

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I am using the Image Labeler App (Matlab R2017b) to label objects and classify scenes on a subset of image frames that I exported from a video. I completed labeling the set, but when I try to export it, I get the following error:
Error using vision.internal.labeler.validation.checkLabelData (line 100) Invalid entry in label data table for Scene labelType. Table entries for column 'Away' must be logical scalars.
In some frames, I applied multiple scene labels to the same image thinking that this may be useful information during transitions between scene types in the video. I think this may be the source of the problem, but couldn't find any documentation as to whether that is the case. Is there any way for me to export the scoring without having to go through it and change scenes with multiple labels to single label (if that is even the problem)? I have not modified code in any way, just trying to use the built-in App to export the data that I scored manually.
Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown on 26 Jan 2018
I just ran into this error while using the image labeler app even though no images had more than one label. As far as I can tell the issue emerged after adding additional images to a loaded session since I had successfully exported that session before adding additional images. Installing the patch fixed the error.
Thanks, Kevin

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Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 23 Feb 2018
This is a bug in R2017b.
The attached patch,, patches this bug in R2017b. Apply the patch using the following instructions:
1) cd to your MATLABROOT directory. You can use the 'matlabroot' command to find out what your MATLABROOT directory is.
2) Copy the attached zip file ( into the MATLABROOT directory.
3) Unzip the
4) Exit matlab and restart MATLAB, then execute 'rehash toolboxcache'

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