Installing Matlab Drive on Linux

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Tyw7 on 21 Nov 2017
Commented: drummer on 1 May 2020
How to install Matlab Drive on Linux? The website gave me a bin file, and when I drag and drop it to the Matlab program, it simply open the content.

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Richard Alcock
Richard Alcock on 27 Nov 2017
You need to run the downloaded .bin file directly from a terminal. For example, if file was downloaded to the Downloads directory in your HOME directory then run this command:
sh ~/Downloads/matlabconnector_1.0.1.3_glnxa64_installer.bin
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drummer on 1 May 2020
I've gotta a problem when downloading MATLAB drive through the MATLAB drive button in the main window. I wondered it was a su permission problem, but I noticed that the download succeeded after all.
The installation was a bit different:
I extracted the zip file to the /Downloads/MathWorks;
I cd'ed until the bin folder and found the matlabconnectorInstaller executable file.
Then, just typed ./matlabconnectorInstaller.
It worked. No su priviledges...
Using MATLAB 2019b in Linux Ubuntu.

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