Previous version, speciftly Matlab R2012a

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Manuel Corrales
Manuel Corrales on 14 Nov 2017
Answered: Andreas Goser on 15 Nov 2017
Hello, i want to ask you about the availability of the version Matlab R2012a. I have the license of my work (University of Costa Rica). I need that previous version because it works with other subroutines and it version is enable with some compiler that only work on that version. The problem is that my license is applicable for the 2017a, 2016a and 2016b versions. I appreciate your attention.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 15 Nov 2017
From the information provided, I assume this is a university license (as opposed to a student version bough by yourself) with software maintenance (as you can use multiple releases). In this case, the university can provide you also older versions like R2012a without extra costs for the university. If the admins do not know how, the can call installation support.

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