Does Image Acquisition Toolbox support FLIR (Point Grey) Blackfly S model camera?

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I have a USB3 Version of model Blackfly S camera from FLIR (Point Grey). The camera is supported by the manufacturer provided Spinnaker SDK libraries.
Is this camera model supported by Image Acquisition Toolbox?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 13 Nov 2018
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 13 Nov 2018
As of MATLAB R2018b, a custom adaptor for Spinnaker is available for Image Acquisition Toolbox. Refer to instructions from the following File Exchange entry:
The 'pointgrey' adaptor included with Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for Point Grey Hardware currently supports only the FLIR (Point Grey) camera models supported by the vendor's "FlyCapture SDK" libraries.
For releases prior to MATLAB R2018b
"Blackfly S" camera models are NOT supported by the 'pointgrey' adaptor.
The manufacturer supports "Blackfly S" camera models only via the "Spinnaker SDK" library, but not via the "FlyCapture SDK" libraries.
As a workaround, camera models supported only by the vendor's "Spinnaker SDK" libraries might be supported by other adapters: * 'gige' adaptor, if the camera model is a GigE Vision camera (such as "Blackfly S" BFS-PGE-* models)
  • 'winvideo' adaptor, by installing the DirectShow drivers provided by the manufacturer
Another workaround would be to use the equivalent FLIR (Point Grey) camera models supported by the vendor's "Fly Capture SDK" with the 'pointgrey' adaptor in MATLAB.

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Wenxuan Liang
Wenxuan Liang on 14 Jan 2021
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 30 Aug 2021
To add on, the solutions given by previous answers on using "winvideo" driver in the Image Acquisition Toolbox enables MATLAB to recognize and communicate with the Blackfly S camera.
To enable more advanced camera control, I found it better to use GenICam driver. Based on product information on Edmund Optics and FLIR, this Blackfly S camera uses the USB3 Vision v1.0 machine vision standard. Based on its installation guide:, it can be controlled using either Spinnaker or GenICam.
So you can go to Add-ons -> Get Hardware Support -> Image Acquisition Toolbox Support Package for GenICam Interface by MathWorks Image Acquisition Toolbox Team, and after installing it, the toolbox interface looks like this:
And you get full access to all imaging parameters to the camera.
Adrian Bell
Adrian Bell on 26 Jul 2021
Worked for BFS-U3-13Y3C!
Just needed the full Spinnaker SDK (, made sure GigE drivers included, then installed the matlab GenLT Toolbox. Using Matalb R2020a.
Thanks so much!

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Hadar Pinhas
Hadar Pinhas on 25 Oct 2018
Edited: MathWorks Support Team on 19 May 2021
Had the same problem and solved it - The Matlab didn't recognize my camera - pointgrey Blackfly S Monochromatic cased camera BFS-U3-200S6M-C with USB3 connector. After many tries it worked, propably because I didn't downloaded the full SDK. I installed with 'winvideo' adaptor (might work with 'pointgrey').
1. Check installed 'winvideo' (in Matlab command window - '>>imaqhwinfo' ) and image acquisition toolbox for pointgrey hardware (or any other imaqtoolbox required).
2. download the full SDK from: I specifically downloaded for my camera from
Make sure to install the directShow in the installation progress of the SDK developer, and that the download is of full SDK.
3. Manually register the DLL, run as administrator: Start Menu>All Programs>Point Grey Spinnaker SDK (64bit)>DirectShow_vs201X>Register DirectShow Dlls
Hadar Pinhas
Hadar Pinhas on 6 Dec 2018
No, I couldn't, my answer was just for recognition of the camera by Matlab.
To change the exposure time, gain, etc you should address FLIR support.

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