Matlab out of space errors

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Daniel Lowe
Daniel Lowe on 2 Nov 2017
Answered: Andreas Goser on 21 Nov 2017


I'm running a fairly complex simulink model to predict the behaviour of a semi-active shock absorber. When running the program, I was constantly getting out of memory errors. I increased my swap space and java heap memory, but even on a computer with 16Gb of dedicated ram, it's still producing an error and crashing before completing. I also run into an out of space issue with the hard drive completely filling up. Am I able to use a second hard drive to increase space (essentially, I know that there's a difference between memory (RAM) and space (hard drive/ssd)). I have access to 2 computers, which are both giving similar errors to each other, as well as taking hours to run the simulation before giving errors.

The specs of both computers are: Laptop: 16Gb physical ram; 83Gb virtual memory; 48.7Gb free space on ssd (Yes, it uses all of this up); intel core i7-7500U PC: 8Gb physical ram; 17Gb virual memory; 34Gb free space on primary ssd, 415Gb free space on 2nd hdd (which doesnt get used); intel core i7-3770

Thanks for any help.

Answers (2)

Arun kumar Valusa
Arun kumar Valusa on 21 Nov 2017
Hi It is may be because of MATLAB version. if you are using MATLAB 32 bit try to check with MATLAB 64 bit .MATLAB 64 bit allows larger memory compared to 32 bit.

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser on 21 Nov 2017
Both processors appear to be 64 bit. Since almost everything is on 64 bit, I haven't seen out of memory issues for quite a while. The fact you are also reporting hard disk swapping lets me believe you probably trying to save much more data of the model then you need. There a couple of place to look for. E.g. "To Workspace" blocks, "To File", "Scope". You can check if you really need every computed signal to be saved - and especially really for every calculation step.


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