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Alternative command to interpolateSolution on manipulated results item

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I'm trying to use the command interpolateSolution onto a matrix calculated by the results of a PDE analysis.
The correct workflow uses 'results' in the interpolateSolution command, where results = pdesolve(model, time). In my case, I have manipulated the solution matrix with some calculations and thus I cannot use the new matrix as interpolateSolution entry.
Is there an alternative command to do the same action?
In particular, I need to interpolate my results over a structured meshgrid and reduce the node number.
Thank you in advance, bests

Accepted Answer

Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 26 Sep 2017
You can try using the createPDEResults function.
Svetlana Pease
Technical writer, MathWorks documentation group

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MG on 27 Sep 2017
Hello Svetlana,
thank you for the kind reply.
Unfortunately, this function doesn't work in my case because I have transformed my 2D results matrix in a 3D matrix multiplying results by a vector. Also squeezing the 3D matrix I am not able to use the createPDEresults function.
Probably the better is to repeat the calculation eliminating the vector giving the third matrix dimension.
Thank you.

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