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[qTx,qTy] = evaluateHeatFlux(result) is very slow, do i need to specify time domain?

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I have the line
result = solve(thermalModelT,tlist); % Solve thermal model
[qTx,qTy] = evaluateHeatFlux(result); % Evaluate heat flux for results
In my code and it is incredibly slow, is it possible it is evaluating at times not in my tlist? It solves the first line (the result) very fast but evaluatign the heat flux takes a veyr very logn time, do i need to feed it more inputs? i know you can specify the time list. But what do I then specify as X and Y? I need the heat flux at all the nodes in my geometry evaluated at all time steps in my time list (tlist).
I ran it using the example data and didn't notice a problem (the supplied matlab thermal rod) but as my data is much larger, 21903 seconds over 43807 lines, it takes a lot longer.

Accepted Answer

Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 26 Sep 2017
You (or the code without you knowing it) cannot evaluate heat flux outside your original tlist. I think the problem might be that you are using a very fine mesh, and hence you have too many nodal locations. I suggest checking the generateMesh command in your code. If it currently specifies 'Hmax', I would remove it and use a default mesh instead.
Hope this helps!

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