Script to access Amazon S3 files

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André Bibaud
André Bibaud on 25 Sep 2017
Commented: Stephane on 23 Dec 2022
I setup a cluster on AWS EC2 to run my scripts faster. Right now my script load input variables locally (on my C: drive) and write simulation results also locally. I setup an S3 bucket with a sub-directory for my input variables and a sub-directory for the results. How do I change the load and write function to point to the S3 bucket instead of my c: drive?

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Jhon Wine
Jhon Wine on 24 Jan 2018
I found datastore to be very easy to use. Run the code below in each worker.
%Set S3 Credentials
setenv('AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID', 'ID');
setenv('AWS_REGION', 'us-west-2');
%Load Data
fp= 's3://mybucket/data/';
Also define this function
function data= AWSRead(fileName)
fid = fopen(fileName);
data= fread(fid,inf,'short');
Make sure the EC2 cloud is on the same site as S3 to avoid data transfer bottlenecks

David Fink
David Fink on 28 Sep 2017
Since S3 uses a RESTful architecture, use 'webread' and 'webwrite' to access the S3 bucket.
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Jhon Wine
Jhon Wine on 17 Nov 2018
Is there an example, how to use webread and webwrite with S3? There is no good tutorial..

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Harish Sundaresh
Harish Sundaresh on 26 Jun 2021
can MATLAB read .json files from aws s3? I get these errors
%% webread
Error using webread (line 119)
The 's3' protocol specified in URL, 'url', is not supported. Specify the URL with the protocol 'http://' or 'https://'.
%% jsondecode
Error using jsondecode
JSON syntax error: expected value but found end of text.
Stephane on 23 Dec 2022
Thanks for sharing this Dmitry

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