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Compile access database into standalone program

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Roland Higler
Roland Higler on 22 Sep 2017
Commented: Roland Higler on 23 Sep 2017
I have a gui application in which I load data from an access database. I want to compile the gui into a standalone program incl. the database, but the database should not be visible as a separate file but the data must be possible to load.
Currently I'm using "hopen = invoke(hacc,'opencurrentdatabase',[pathname,filename])" to establish an connection but I believe the path name is not valid anymore incase the program is compiled.
Has anybody any suggestions how to deal with this problem?
Help is very appreciated.


Roland Higler
Roland Higler on 23 Sep 2017
Hello Walter,
Thanks a lot for the link. It solved my problem and the application is working perfectly now.
KR Roland

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