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How can we consider time derivatives in the source f coefficient in the pdetool system method?

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I use pdetool in 2D to solve a partiel differentiel a set of equations (4 equations). But I have to introduce in the f coefficient (fcoeffunction(region,state)) corresponding to one solution component a term which depends on the time derivative of another solution component. But state.ut(i,:) doesn't exist a priori.
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Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan
Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan on 27 Sep 2017
Can you please be more specific? What is the system of PDE that you are trying to solve? Can you please explicitly state the equations? I believe you are trying to solve a non-linear equation - is that right?

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Svetlana Pease
Svetlana Pease on 28 Sep 2017
The PDE toolbox does not support this type of dependency.
Svetlana Pease
Technical writer, MathWorks documentation group



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