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LIcense in MATLAB is different from license in LIsense Center

Asked by Céldor
on 21 Sep 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 21 Sep 2017
Is there any reason why my license numbers are different? After installation, I have activated MATLAB via login and password to my account and MATLAB seems to successfully activated the product on Linux. However, first, I cannot see any computers on which MATLAB is activated. Second when I look at license number in MATLAB and license number I received when purchasing the product, in License Center, the numbers are different!
I also install MATLAB on second computer (MacBook Pro) and I though the numbers are wrong, so I was trying to deactivate and activate MATLAB again and I eventually reached the limit having Error 354 :/ Now I cannot use it on Laptop!
My license is Student. I should be able to use the product on two computers.

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You need to contact Mathworks for free installation assistance.

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