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Passing a 2D array from Matlab to a .NET function

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Will L
Will L on 18 Sep 2017
Answered: Han Du on 22 Sep 2017
I am working on a Matlab program in which I need to pass a 2D array (uint8, 128X128) to a .NET method.
I used Matlab function, zeros(128,128), to create this array and passed it to the .NET method. The method was supposed to write image data (bitmap) into this array. However, the array remained unchanged (i.e., all zeros) after calling the .NET method several times.
I greatly appreciate if you can provide me some suggestions regarding this issue.

Answers (1)

Han Du
Han Du on 22 Sep 2017
How do you pass data to .NET function? Are you using MATLAB Engine API?


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