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The function daq.getDevices does not report any device

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The function daq.getDevices does not report any device. I am getting the following warning message instead:
"Warning: Diagnostic Information from vendor: NI: The required MEX file to communicate with National Instruments hardware could not be loaded. The attempt gave the Error ID of 'MATLAB:mex:ErrInvalidMEXFile' and the message 'Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2016b\toolbox\daq\daq\+daq\+ni\+NIDAQmx\private\mexNIDAQmx.mexw64': The specified module could not be found..'. "
Any idea of how solving this problem?
Thank you in advance!

Answers (1)

Han Du
Han Du on 22 Sep 2017
What is your driver version? This error is thrown because the driver version used is outdated. Try to update the driver:
1) Through Hardware Support Package a) Uninstall any of the NI DAQ drivers already present on your machine. b) Install the NI DAQmx drivers by installing NI DAQ support package in MATLAB.
Note: Make sure that the driver being installed is the supported version of driver recommended for the release of MATLAB being used. For example, for the current release, supported driver version can be obtained from:
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Fernando Llanos
Fernando Llanos on 22 Sep 2017
Thank you for your answer, Han. I was trying to read EEG signals from a device (actiChamp) that does not directly communicate with matlab. I contacted the company. They recommend me to use an RDA to grab the data instead. Now I can get the EEG signals.

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