How to calculate heat transferred across borders in PDE Thermal model?

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I have a script very similar to the Thermal PDE rod example, with both a lumped and transient model.
What I would like to know now is, the total heat transfer across the borders for my model solution.
This would be split into axial (edge 2 and 4) and radial (edge 3) I believe it will be something using ux (result.XGradients) at the edge for axial and uy (result.YGradients) at the edge for radial. And I will also need to times the radial value by the rod circumference (for the entire radius) and the axial value will also need converting from and edge to a face.
Is this possible? And can someone point me in the direction of the method of solving this? I'm not looking for free code, just somewhere to start!
Thanks in advance
Ben Sheard
Ben Sheard on 14 Sep 2017
Hmm... think I have to use the evaluate heat flux function.. and then process the results from this into heat (heat flux * area) but a i suppose I'll get heat flux result at point along the edge, I then multiply these points by the distance between points, then by the circumference the total of these then gives me radial heat. For axial heat I think I use the same heat flux function at the rod ends, then times each value again by the distance between values, then multiply this by the circumference at each radius value (yes this isn't perfect area but I think should be accurate enough...) Now just to code it!
Ravi Kumar
Ravi Kumar on 14 Sep 2017
Edited: Ravi Kumar on 14 Sep 2017
Check evaluateHeatRate function, that should provide you the heat flow across boundary.

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