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need to use a function to calibrate the weight of a alkan.

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Create a MATLAB function called molalkan. It should have one parameter containing the number of carbon atoms in the alkane molecule. It should have one value that is the number of grams that 1 mole of this molecule weighs. For example, if I want to know how many grams of 1 mole propane is, I can go to the command window and use it
José-Luis on 12 Sep 2017
Edited: José-Luis on 12 Sep 2017
Do you haz teh codez?
Impressive copy/pasting skills.

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John BG
John BG on 12 Sep 2017
Hi Kjetil Svihus
The function you ask for has already been implemented by Gerhard Nieuwenhuiys in
the description of the function mentions atoms.m that doesn't show in the list of functions, but atoms.m is actually included in the zipped pack.
I have attached Gerhard's solution to this answer for your convenience.
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thanks in advance
John BG
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 14 Sep 2017
It does not answer, because a supplied tool will not have been written by the student, therefore is useless.

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