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how to not exceed limits of the matrix column

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for eg, i have matrix A=[4 6 3 8 9 5;1 7 2 4 3 4;7 8 5 6 1 2; 1 8 4 7 10 6;] and i use a for loop to go across the column, for i =1:col .... how do i stop it before getting error of matrix exceeds dimensions

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 10 Sep 2017
your_array = rand(10,16)
%looping through all columns
for ii=your_array
%ii now contains all values in column
minion001 on 10 Sep 2017
i did that but how do i stop getting error when im at column 6 and its searching for elements next to it, where there isn't any elements present, resulting in matrix exceeds dimensions
José-Luis on 10 Sep 2017
Columns 1-5 of what? You are not indexing into A and that is the array whose columns you are looping on.
Please use the debugger. Place a breakpoint in the line that's giving you grief and look at the arrays you are indexing into.

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