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Error: cannot find space for target scope (R2016b)

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It seems that the maximum number of target scope is 9. Is it correct? When I tried to add more than 9 target scopes I received this Error: cannot find space for target scope (on the target PC).
How can I view 60 traces in a 6x10 subplot? Host target scope?

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Anh Tran
Anh Tran on 7 Sep 2017
Hi Stefano,
The maximum number of target scope is 9, as stated in the Target Scope Usage documentation.
Each scope can take different signals. For example, you may have 6 target scopes. For each scope, you add 10 signals. This will effectively create a subplot on your Simulink Real-time Target screen. This example shows how to add 2 signal into a target scope. This link shows how to find signal indexes to pass into "addsignal" function
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Stefano Buccelli
Stefano Buccelli on 8 Sep 2017
Thank you Anh, but no way to subplot just like in matlab. The signals will be superimposed in the same scope. Right?
Thanks again.

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