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Invert or reverse Yaxis ticks in a plot or scatter graph

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I can find documentation to reverse the Yaxis for imagesc but not for a regular plot. I have data where the origin is the top left hand corner and want to preserve that y measurement rather than have it flipped.
sample code:
y=[0.4 0.61 0.45 0.66 0.41 0.63 0.44 0.62 0.46 0.6]
What I would like to see is a plot with the axis left the way it is but the Y-axis start with say 0.4 at the top and increase as it gets closer to the Xaxis intercept.
Any ideas?

Accepted Answer

José-Luis on 22 Aug 2017
y=[0.4 0.61 0.45 0.66 0.41 0.63 0.44 0.62 0.46 0.6];
aH = axes;
aH.YDir = 'reverse';

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