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PDE solver without PDE solver toolpack

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Ben Sheard
Ben Sheard on 7 Aug 2017
Answered: Precise Simulation on 19 Aug 2017
I am using 2013a matlab and without the PDE solver pack or symbolic maths pack. Can anyone point me in a direction to help me solve a PDE thermal Problem like this Without the pack.
I cannot get the pack or upgrade to newer Matlab.
Thank you in advance Ben

Answers (2)

Torsten on 7 Aug 2017
If 1d is enough for you, you can use "pdepe".
Otherwise, you will have to do the spatial discretization on your own and solve the resulting system of ordinary differential equations using "ode15s".
Look up "method of lines" for more details.
Best wishes

Precise Simulation
Precise Simulation on 19 Aug 2017
Depending on your problem the FEATool FEM Toolbox could possibly work for your case as both modeling and simulation of heat transfer and axisymmetry is supported.


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