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Boxplot with 5th and 95th percentile with multiple data sets

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I want to plot a boxplot with multiple datasets(4 years in my case). I did something like this.
group = [repmat({'2011'}, length(a), 1); repmat({'2012'}, length(b), 1); ... repmat({'2013'}, length(c), 1); repmat({'2014'}, length(d), 1)]
boxplot(data, group,... 'symbol','','factordirection','auto')
How do I make the whiskers 5th and 95th ?

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Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 2 Aug 2017
You could use the "whisker" parameter in the "boxplot" function. i.e
boxplot(data, group,... 'symbol','','factordirection','auto', 'whisker', multiplier)
According to the following answers post ( here ), the multiplier for 95 percentile is 0.7193. Check the linked answers post has some more details.
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Sayantan Sahu
Sayantan Sahu on 10 Aug 2017
Do I have mention separately for 5th percentile ? Also when I calculate separately the percentiles for each dataset, they do not match with that on the figure ? What is the best way to plot a boxplot with multiple datasets and with whiskers being 5th and 95th percentile ?

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