How can I reset/change ciruit ports?

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I have already set circuit ports and I wanted change ports.
portn = nport(file); port4 = circuit('port4'); add(port4, 1:4, portn);
add(port4, [1 0], resistor(10)); add(port4, [2 0], inductor(3));
setports(port4, [1 0], [2 0], [3 0], [4 0]);
I want to change ports for example to [1 2], [2 0], [3 0], [4 0]. How can I do that? I can clear circuit object and create a new one but can I just change ports?
Thanks, Haba

Accepted Answer

Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 28 Jul 2017
Unfortunately, modifying/resetting the ports on a defined circuit object is currently not possible. Once a circuit object is created, and setports/setterminals is used, the circuit is defined and cannot be changed. Indeed, the only way to go about it would be to just clear the circuit object and make a new one with the desired parameters.

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