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Include timeseries data from workspace in Simulink and activate them by trigger during simulation

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I want to include some timeseries data (which always starts at t=0) from my workspace into simulink. By a specific trigger, the data shall be evaluated during simulation. The data shall be start at t=0 even when the simulation time is not equal to zero. I tried this with a look-up table, but due to a variable step solver the results are falsified. Are there other solutions for including such data?

Accepted Answer

Abhi Sundararaman
Abhi Sundararaman on 26 Jul 2017
In general, timeseries data must go hand-in-hand with the current time of the simulation. So unfortunately, having the data evaluated at t = 0 even when the simulation time is not 0 would not be possible directly.
One workaround would be to change the format of the data. Using multiple vectors/arrays instead of a timeseries would probably better.
For example, you could put the timeseries data into vectors, and then use constant blocks that reference a specific index of the array that changes with respect to time.

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