How can I used Matlab for predictive modelling with those data ?

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Fabien P
Fabien P on 4 Jul 2017
Answered: Gareth Thomas on 22 Jul 2017
I come to you because I want to use the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox to make predictive modelling but I don't know how to set up this.
I work with data like this, which are all correlated and physical (temperature, pressure, power, vibration ...) :
There are data from an hydropower plant.
I want to create a model that gather different data in order to monitor one pricipal data. For example, if I want to monitor the temperature of a piece of metal of the machine, I also want to put data like power, flow, temperature of oil, etc... in the model because there are very correlated.
Do you have an idea on how can I manage this ?
Have a nice day ;)

Answers (1)

Gareth Thomas
Gareth Thomas on 22 Jul 2017
Have you seen the MathWorks Predictive Modeling website? It has lots of examples that will help you get started

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