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How to implement a (semi)automated algorithm for thorax and lung segmentation?

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Hy everyone, I'm a newbie in Image processing Toolbox. I'm stuck with a problem regarding image segmentation. I have a file with CT images of a thorax. I'd like to implement a code able to perform the segmentation of the external contour of the thorax for each slice. I've theoretical notions but no idea where to start with Matlab. My idea would be using a region growing algorithm Could someone give me a hint? It would be very precious. Thanks

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Jun 2017
Edited: Image Analyst on 19 Jun 2017
I doubt you need region growing. Maybe simple thresholding would work. First off, see my Image Segmentation Tutorial:
Next see some medical segmentation demos that I've attached.
By the way, you said you attached a .mat file, but you actually did not.

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Julian Hapke
Julian Hapke on 19 Jun 2017
Have a look at this and the mentioned link to get an idea where to start.
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Spider on 19 Jun 2017
Hi Julian! Thank you so much for your attention! But I've trouble with the link. It redirects to my question...

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