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Grains Pattern Recognition (Image recognition)

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if i have some types of grains eg. Wheat,cornوBarley...... and so on in sinus and i want to detect the type of grain in this sinus using camera how can i recognize the grain in sinus.

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F S on 2 Jun 2017
Edited: F S on 2 Jun 2017
I would use the image processing toolbox. There you can find many pattern recognition tools, eg imfindcircles.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 2 Jun 2017
How did someone get grains in their sinus? Were they snorting grains? Anyway, if you have an image, you forgot to attach it. If the different types of grains look different, like different intensities, shapes, colors, etc., then there's some hope in identifying them with tools in the Image Processing Toolbox or Computer Vision System Toolbox. Good luck. And someone should stop snorting grains - it's not good for people.
mohamed  al-asklany
mohamed al-asklany on 5 Jun 2017
i want to detect type of grains using camera
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 5 Jun 2017
Each large canister (storage tower) is called a "silo", not sinus (at least in English). And they should know already what they put in there without needing a camera to tell them. Anyway, that is not your image that you'd be analyzing - that's just a computer rendering. Post the actual images of the different kinds of grain you'd be analyzing. Perhaps they're different shapes and you can use morphometrics.

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