Approximately equal sign in matlab plot

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Sonima on 15 May 2017
Edited: Sonima on 15 Aug 2019
Hi! I want to plot approximately equal sign on one axe of my plot in Matlab.

Answers (1)

dpb on 15 May 2017
Edited: dpb on 17 May 2017
Get pretty close approximation (so to speak :) ) that way...
set(hAx,'xtick',[0 15 25])
hT=text(7.5, 0.0, '\approx', ...
'fontsize',14,'fontweight','bold', ...
You'll have to rig up the actual axis limits it you want the asymmetrical ticks vis a vis position. Depending on what you actually have, may be able to just use 'xticklabel' with appropriate values at existing tick locations.

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