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How to plot Hog features in the image

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Elf on 3 May 2017
Answered: Birju Patel on 8 May 2017
I am trying to feature extraction from an image for some certain points. First time I am using HogFeatureextraction. When I plot the features and valid points, I am getting result not on the certain points. I will use these features for training later on. For example, I have points on the straight line. Should not my features on where my certain points on the line. I am a little bit confused about concept of it. I used [features,validPoints] = extractHOGFeatures(I,points). x and y are my 10 positions in the image. In this case how is feature extraction working?
[features,validPoints] = extractHOGFeatures(I,[x,y]); figure; imshow(I); hold on; plot(features, 'ro'); plot(validPoints,'go');
Thank you

Answers (1)

Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 8 May 2017
The following example, will visualize the HOG features at a set of points:
I2 = imread('gantrycrane.png');
corners = detectFASTFeatures(rgb2gray(I2));
strongest = selectStrongest(corners, 3);
[hog2, validPoints, ptVis] = extractHOGFeatures(I2, strongest);
imshow(I2); hold on;
plot(ptVis, 'Color','green');

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