How to import a *.prn file into matlab, which contains time and date stamps along with various columns of data.

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I have a .*prn files ( tab delimited text file), which has 50 columns of data including date and time stamps as the file here. I couldn't upload the prn file so converted it into text. after loading the data, i want to convert time stamp into seconds. Help me writing the code to import the data (manual importing works but i need to import two files with same headings at the same time)

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Soumya Saxena
Soumya Saxena on 4 May 2017
You may convert date stamps to seconds as follows:
t='14:35:59.812'; [Y, M, D, H, MN, S] = datevec(t); H*3600+MN*60+S
You may use the "datevec" function for this.
To read tab delimited text files you may use "tdfread" function:
If you are manually importing data using import tool, you can click on "generate script" , which will create matlab code that you can use later, to use with other files.


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