Standalone executable can't find Matlab Runtime, even though Runtime is installed. How do I fix this?

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I successfully created a standalone executable from my Matlab code. I can compile it and run it on the same computer, and all looks good.
I now want to try running it on a "target" computer. I compiled the executable using Matlab 2016a (Runtime 9.0.1). I downloaded the same version of Matlab Runtime on the target computer (9.0.1), and I can see it in C:/Program Files/MATLAB/MATLAB Runtime/v901/. (There's also an older version of Runtime, v85.)
However, when I try to run the executable on the target computer it gives me this error:
Could not find version 9.0.1 of the MATLAB Runtime.
Attempting to load mclmcrrt9_0_1.dll.
Please install the correct version of the MATLAB Runtime.
But as far as I know, I do have Runtime 9.0.1 installed! Why can't my executable find it?

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Shruthi Mysore Sadashiva
Shruthi Mysore Sadashiva on 2 Aug 2017
I understand that you have a correct version of MATLAB runtime installed in the target machine. You could find the list of different mcr installers on :
Along with this, your system variable "PATH" should contain the installed MATLAB Runtime folder path. This document link gives the information on the same:

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