Which functions require double precision

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I recently got the following error:
The input signal X must be a double-precision vector.
Now, I understand the error and how to fix it, so I just left myself a note to make sure the data I load uses double precision instead of single. However, now that I'm trying to actually implement the fix, I can't recreate the error! Is there a list of functions which will give this error if not provided a double-precision vector?

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Jan on 18 Apr 2017
You can search for this string in the toolbox functions. I use the free GrepWin under Windows.
In some Matlab versions filter did not support single input.
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David K
David K on 18 Apr 2017
Thanks for the tip on searching the code! I just used the native search in Explorer to get the list. The function that was causing the issue for me was `findpeaks`.

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