How can I save the settings of fsolve in the optimization tool ?

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I am using the fsolve function in a simulink block which is the "MATLAB function" block.
I want to try using the fsolve function in simulink with all the different algorithms available in the optimization tool which are: Trust region dogleg OR Trust region reflective OR Levenberg-Marquardt OR Gauss-Newton.
The optimization tool allows to change the algorithm setting but it does not allow to save the setting in a way that enables the new setting to be used for an fsolve function used in simulink.
Is there any solution for this ??

Accepted Answer

Seth DeLand
Seth DeLand on 27 Mar 2012
You can create an options structure in your MATLAB function and then pass that structure to FSOLVE. The options structure is created using OPTIMSET, and in it you will specify the Algorithm that FSOLVE should use.
For example:
options = optimset('Algorithm','levenberg-marquardt');
x = fsolve(fun,x0,options);

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