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How can I merge (concatenate) feature maps from two different CNN layers in my architecture?

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I am looking for something like "merge" layer in Keras to implement U-Net. Thanks!
Ritesh Chandna
Ritesh Chandna on 12 Apr 2017
Unfortunately, we do not have a merge layer feature as of now. However, you can refer to the below link which list all the layer features we have:
Please feel free to provide more information about your workflow.

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Accepted Answer

Birju Patel
Birju Patel on 6 Mar 2018
Edited: Birju Patel on 6 Mar 2018
In R2017b, the depth concatenation layer can be used to merge feature maps:
I've also attached an example function that can be used to create U-Net in R2017b (createUnet.m).
HTH, Birju

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o.cefet cefet
o.cefet cefet on 12 Nov 2019
Has anyone ever gotten it on matlab Multiscale Features-Convolutional Neural Network?
Similar to work:


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